Review Policy

Currently, I am just reviewing books I’ve checked out from my public library, purchased myself, or received as gifts. But, if you’re interested in me reviewing YOUR book, here’s what you should know:

* I will accept print copies of ARCs. I don’t have an ereader so ebooks are not an option unfortunately.

* My reviews are mine and mine alone. I’m not as eloquent as others but I will be honest and (hopefully-you-think-so)ย nice. If I don’t like a book (and trust me, it takes a lot for me to not like a book), then more than likely I won’t finish it and therefore I won’t review it.

*Expect a two week timeline for a review: one week for me to read the book and one week for me to get a review posted. If the book is fairly large then the timeline may be extended.

*Review posts will include the book’s publishing information (Title, Author, Date Published, etc.) and how I received the book. I will also include a link to the author’s website and/or Goodreads page (if applicable).

*A link to the review post will be posted on my Goodreads page and may possibly end up in print.

*All ARCs received will either be donated to my public library or shared with friends/fellow bloggers.

With that being said, I’m honored if you think of me to review your book. You can contact me at



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