“Where Words Fail, Music Speaks”

I was nominated on Facebook by my coworker/friend Brooks to post 7 songs in the next 7 days that pretty much give me life (aka my favorite songs) so I thought I would post them here because 1) I hate super long Facebook posts and I feel like my reasoning behind my favorite songs could get wordy and 2) this blog is not strictly for books (I did say I was a pop culture enthusiast) so why not put my other love, music, on here too?

i love music
I have very strong feelings for music.


I grew up having an eclectic taste in music compared to my family. And by eclectic, I mean that I listened to Top 40 while they all listened to 70’s and 80’s rock. Except my mom, who also listened to Cher. My first tape was Celine Dion’s “Falling Into You” and my first CD was Britney Spears’s “Baby…One More Time”. So as you can see, I was destined for Top 40 appreciation. But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to listening to other genres! I also love showtunes (symptom of being a theater kid in high school), some country, rap, r& b, etc. What I look for in music is either a really good beat or great lyrics. It’s like an eargasm if there is both.

I may have been caught dancing like this in public once or twice.

Picking 7 songs out of my iTunes library of 2200+ is going to be hard but I’m going to try. What makes a song my favorite? It’s got to be something I can listen to over and over without getting tired of it. It’s got to speak to me somehow: I’ve got to feel like the lyrics apply to me somehow. We listen to music to either feel good or to feel that someone else understands our pain, right? So here is song #1–

Connor Maynard–“Marvin’s Room” (Drake cover)

Ok, so yes, this is a cover. And it’s not that I don’t like Drake’s original version. But 1) Connor’s voice is just mmMMmm. I love me a good tenor. 2) the stripped down piano version here is just a more intimate feel to me, and therefore you can appreciate the voice and the lyrics more. I think most of us have gotten drunk and called/texted an ex when maybe we shouldn’t have. This song is what I imagine I would have said to an ex if I had been drunk enough (ok, more like ballsy enough).

drunk text

And yes, Connor has original songs, but this is the one I keep coming back to because of his voice and just the piano. It showcases his voice so well.

So that’s it for song #1! Stay tuned for song #2.

Ps. If you liked this cover, check out JoJo’s cover of it as well.




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