My Top 5 Least Favorites of 2015 (So Far)

Note: This post inspired by gingerreadslainey from YouTube and her Top 5 Wednesdays.

ALERT: I’m halfway through my goal of 100 books in 2015! That’s right, I’ve read 50 books already! So I thought I would tell you my least favorites first (bad news first, right?) and then next week I’ll talk about what my favorites of the year are so far!

Alright, so I gave all of these 2 stars on Goodreads, which means “the book was ok”. Which these books WERE ok. They were not a DNF (Did Not Finish). But there was nothing special (that I could tell) about them. In other words, I wasn’t impressed.

not impressed

1) Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff


If I could describe this book in word, it would be pretentious. It’s about a 16 year old girl who accompanies her father in his search for his missing friend. And honestly that’s all I really remember about this book. The only thing that stuck out to me is that the main character talked like NO teenage I’ve ever heard, even the ones who are wiser than their years (hence the pretentious description). I just remember being annoyed by that and not finding her relatable at all.


2) Juvie by Steve Watkins


A girl goes to juvie so that her sister doesn’t go to jail after they were caught in a wrong place, wrong time scenario. I’m just going to state here what I said on Goodreads: This was like a watered down version of “Orange Is the New Black”, but for teens and less interesting (and no hooking up). The characters are forgettable and it wrapped up a little too nicely at the end. I didn’t dislike this book, but I didn’t like it either. I will say that the writing is decent; it’s just that the characters didn’t have much depth to them.


3) We Were Liars by E. Lockhart 


You can read my full review here, but I’ll just reiterate that while the ending is pretty good (very WTF moment), everything up to it was just kind of blah. Again, the characters were forgetable and gave me no reason to care about them. If this is one of your faves, sorrynotsorry, it’s not one of mine. I will say that I did like the writing style. I like anything that differs from your standard novel writing.




4) Noggin by John Corey Whaley 


Cool concept: 16 year old Travis undergoes a head transplant in the not so distant future–his body is ravaged by luekemia, so his head gets chopped off and cryogenically frozen for 5 years until they find a suitable body (a boy who died from a brain tumor) and the doctors can reattach his head. So it’s like Travis is waking up from a 5 year coma. He’s still 16; all of his friends and family are 5 years older. He has to now adjust to the world around him. What I didn’t like about this book (and why I gave it 2 stars) is that all Travis does is try to get his old girlfriend back–who is now 21!! And engaged! He just goes on and on about how he’s going to get her back (and makes futile attempts). I will say that I appreciate the Kansas City shoutout. It’s not every day your home city is the main location in a novel.

5) Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng 

everything I never told youThe favored child dies and the family are both trying to cope and figure out how it happened. Was it murder? Was it suicide? My friend called this book a slow burn, but it wasn’t one that I enjoyed. The parents were huge dicks, both to their kids and to each other, and there were just no redeeming qualities about any of the characters…except maybe the youngest child. But then again, she doesn’t really say much–her parents are pretty much oblivious to her existance because of their smothering love for their favorite. Which, there’s nothing hugely special about the favorite child–which is maybe the point? I don’t know, but either way, I didn’t like it.

So these are the ones I’ve liked the least so far. I will say for the most part all of these had pretty good writing, it’s just that the characters were blah. And if you don’t care about at least one of the characters, then why even read the book? (I did because I’m doing a reading challenge! Haha).

Come back next week to see what my Top 5 faves of the year (so far) are!

Happy reading!



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