An Honest Review of a Reviewer (Me)

As a reader/librarian, I get asked the typical questions “what book(s) do you recommend?” and “why do you recommend it?”. While I’m fairly confident in my book recommendations, I falter when it comes to reviewing books and telling you why I like (or don’t like) them. I just can’t seem to articulate well why I found a book amazing.

And maybe it’s because I inhale books like they’re air and don’t really stop and let them marinate in my mind for a second. All I know is that when I like a book, I like it. It’s kinda like falling in love…you just know, without really knowing why.

So my reviews on here aren’t going to be all wordy and smart-sounding. I’m not going to go into detail about character analysis, or literary themes and all that other stuff you learn in English class that I’ve forgotten about (maybe because it’s been at least 5 years since I’ve taken an English class).

My reviews are going to be my own, in my own words, and in a way that *hopefully* gets my thoughts across. They will probably include a gif or two (or 5) ;). The end goal is that you understand my opinion on why you should or shouldn’t read the book.

Whether you do is up to you.


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