A Reader’s Paradise

So I have been MIA and for that I do apologize. I’d say have had a lot going on but that would be a lie. The truth? I’ve just been spending a lot of time on the internet.


This is my typical day-to-day to routine:

-Work 8 to 5 (with a 12-9 thrown in there somewhere)

-Come home and “unwind”

-“Unwind” by: checking Facebook, People.com, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Pinterest, emails, go back to Facebook to play Farm Heroes Saga/creep, go back to Buzzfeed, occasionally check Goodreads, go back to Pinterest, etc. By the time I’m done “unwinding” it’s essentially time for bed. And then the vicious cycle starts again the next day.

Me browsing the internet.
Me browsing the internet for too long.

This weekend, though, I got to switch up my routine. The boyfriend and I went to a cabin for 4 glorious days of uninhibited relaxation. The cabin had tv but no internet so I was able to read AND catch up on my HGTV shows.


I was able to finish 3 books this weekend: 2 by Michael Farquhar (A Treasury of Deception & A Treasury of Foolishly Forgotten Americans) and We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. (Reviews to come!)

treasury of deceptiontreasury of foolishly forgotten americanswewereliars

Staying at the cabin was my personal reading paradise because I got to unplug from all my technology (minus the tv) and just enjoy reading a good book (or 3). I highly recommend you find YOUR reading paradise and go there. Often.


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