10 Reasons Libraries Are On Fleek

So not only is Missouri Governor Jay Nixon withholding funds from Missouri libraries (which concerns me because I work at a library in Missouri), but now politicians in Washington want to get rid of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the agency that distributes federal funding to A LOT of libraries in the U.S. Because these politicians are clearly delusional in thinking libraries aren’t necessary enough to give government funding to, I thought I would remind them and other delusionals why libraries are on fleek and deserve all the funding:

1) Free books: This is like duh. But, besides the books on the shelves, many libraries now offer access to ebooks via OverDrive.


2) Free movies: not only do libraries have dvds available for checkout, some even have movies you can stream. And yes, libraries have current movies.You just never see them because they’re always checked out!

3) Free music: same goes for music as it does for movies. Freegal is available via libraries, and this is cool because it offers you 5 free downloads a week and free streaming!


4) Free internet/computers: most libraries have public computers and WiFi available to all patrons.  If you’ve ever gone a day without access to the internet, you know why this is important.

But seriously.
But seriously.

5) Free programming: libraries provide tons of free programming to patrons of all ages–storytime, book groups, classes, movie screenings, concerts, book signings, Summer Reading Programs, craft and cooking programs, lock-ins, etc.

We would all be winners here. via Library Bonanza
We would all be winners here. via Library Bonanza

6) Free community space: while libraries are mostly thought of as places to study, many libraries also have programming rooms, outside seating, auditoriums, etc.

Innovation Lab @ Harold Washington Library--Chicago Public Library via Kathryn Born
Innovation Lab @ Harold Washington Library–Chicago Public Library via Kathryn Born

7) Free education: not only can you attend educational classes at the library, libraries also provide access to online learning websites, ie. Universal Class and Atomic Training.  Students can also get free tutoring from the library via Tutor.com.

8) Free resources: many people associate  databases with academic libraries, but public libraries have them too.  You can also get free access to many financial, business, health, entertainment, government, and reference resources and data.

9) Free community support: when the community of Ferguson, MO was in turmoil, the library became a place for many to escape the pain and chaos.

Caitlin Moran library quote

10) Librarians: we don’t “Shhhh!” anymore. We now encompass many roles–librarian, teacher, tech specialist, program coordinator, researcher, genealogist, performer, social media guru, etc. Got a question? There’s a librarian for that.


As you can see, libraries are pretty legit and they are definitely too legit to quit (yes I went there). So please sign this petition for Governor Nixon to give us Missouri libraries the money that is rightfully ours, so that we can keep doing what we do–which is supporting you, our community!

And if you don’t live in Missouri, please visit your local library to show your support!



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