Welcome to The Library Lush!

Hello! Thank you for stopping by.  I have an “about” page, but if you’re feeling a tad lazy and don’t want to make an extra click, then here’s a brief run down of the blog:

This blog is where I am going to share with you my love for everything books, library, and pop culture.  Current events might seep in here as well, but for the most part this blog is where I hope you find your next book to escape into.  I’m going to be sharing all the books I read this year (I’ve already read 8, so I’m a little behind), plus any and all notable library news/fun facts and pop culture tidbits.  I also hope to have some guest bloggers who will share their favorite books or what they’re currently reading.  So I hope you stick around! If you have any suggestions and/or book recommendations, please leave a comment below or you can email me at thelibrarylush@gmail.com.  Just don’t be a dick, ok? If you don’t have anything nice to say, then fuck off. Other than that, welcome to The Library Lush!


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